Monday, 14 July 2014

Tips on Keeping Your Cats and Dogs Fit and Healthy

Healthy portions 
Just like we have to watch the size of our portions, it’s important to limit the amount per serving for your furry family! Read the labels on your pet food and follow the recommended servings.  

Tasty treats are always a weakness, so hard not to think of them sitting in the kitchen pantry waiting to be enjoyed and devoured. That’s why we understand when our pooch keeps hovering around the bag of treats, looks at us with those big brown droopy eyes begging for those tasty mouth dribbling snacks. However, the difference between them and us is that they don’t know it’s not good to eat too much, whereas we know better although we don’t always do better. So be strong when looking into those hard to resist eyes.

No people food
Do not give your pets human foods as they can be detrimental to their health and sometimes fatal.  

Eat slowly
Eating too fast makes us and our pets put on weight too quickly. Feeding your pooch smaller portions more often will help to keep its weight down, and to prevent them from gorging.

Fit means taking your dogs for walks or runs…often. Take some time to play with your cats.  

Yearly check up 
Visit your vet once a year.

Source: Health News Digest,  American Veterinary Medical Association