Monday, 20 October 2014

How To Choose a Pet Care Facility Checklist

Do you want the best pet care facility for your pampered pooch or finicky feline? Choosing a reputable safe environment means doing your homework way ahead of your travel plans or event. And the best place to start is with a list of your needs, deal breakers and budget then taking the time to visit various locations to see if they fit your requirements and expectations.


Word of Mouth
Recommendations are always a great place to start - ask your friends, vet, neighbors, local rescue groups, shelters or your dog park buddy. Keep in mind that everyone has a different standard, need and budget so it’s best to visit the referred facilities in advance to make sure it meets your level of expectation.

Also if you are a cat parent, you may want to consider a cat only facility.

First Impression and the Environment
How do you feel when you walk in to the facility?
What is your first impression? Is it clean?
Is it warm and inviting?
Do the dogs look happy or anxious?
Do they offer web cams? It’s a nice way of checking in when you have some time.
Is it climate-controlled?

Daily Dog Care
Are dogs in their individual kennels or do they share?
How is the ventilation, heating and cooling?
What are the exercise options - are the dogs let out to run around? Is there space on the property for this or are they taken for daily walks outside of the facility?
What is the daily routine? What kind of activities- social group play, toys, play equipment are provided?
Do they offer grooming services?

Doggie Comfort
How big is the sleeping area?
How long do they stay in enclosed area?
Do you need to bring a crate pillow to place in the kennel for added comfort?
Do they offer special care for dogs with arthritis or disabilities? For instance, dogbeds that provide additional comfort or are they on the floor and can you bring your own if you need too?

Daily Cat Care
If in same facility as dogs, are they kept in separate areas?
How often is the litter changed?
What’s the daily routine - activities?

Are pets required to have vaccinations? How do they manage disease control?

Emergency Procedures

Is there a vet on the premises? If not, is there one on call? If there is an emergency will they call your vet in case of emergency?

How often are they fed?
What food do they provide? Do they provide natural or organic food and treat alternatives? Will they allow you to bring your own brand of food or treats?

What training does the staff have in general and with difficult or sick dogs?

What are the daily and weekly rates?
What are the charges for late or early pick up?
Are there additional charges for emergency care in addition to vet?
Can they provide any references?

Are dogs required to be spayed and neutered?

These basic list of questions should get you on the way to finding the best home away from home for your furry family pet when you have to travel or entertain. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

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