Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Natural Remedies:Give Your Furry Friend the Best Health Possible

To pet owners, our furry friends are people too.

We go through the joys of raising them much like we do our children—and in return, they bring us endless happiness and unconditional love. We learn our pets' individual characters and adore them for their quirks and unique personalities. In short, pet parents consider these little ones to be important members of the family, and treat them accordingly. When it comes to optimizing their health, did you know there are a couple of extra things you can do, in addition to getting them the best food?

Similar to our human diet, we often find nutritional deficiencies which can cause a variety of problems if they are not addressed. Even the best pet food will have similar disadvantages because, like humans, our pets are not all the same. Many of the natural health products that you and your family use (like safe and effective vitamin and mineral supplements) can also be found specially-formulated to fit your pet's unique needs. 

Natural remedies are becoming more widely available. These range from anxiety remedies, allergy products, natural flea solutions and even lawn care, to the more familiar vitamins and minerals like multivitamins, probiotics and Omega-3s – all specially-formulated for your pet. 

As we become more conscious of age-related pet problems, as well as common daily health issues like allergies or digestive problems, natural alternatives are good solutions to your pet's ailments, potentially saving you expensive trips to the vet and making them feel healthy and energized. The Canadian Health Food Association recommends speaking to your veterinarian for recommendations, to your natural health retailer, and visiting for additional information.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Breed Spotlight : American Cocker Spaniel


Those wide set eyes will get you every time. Plus their charming, gentle and sweet disposition makes them a great companion.

Physical Characteristics

Height: Male 15"/ 38.1 cm           Female 14" / 35.56 cm
Weight: 24-28 lbs

Coat: Beautiful silky hair, needs to be trimmed every couple of weeks. They are however, big shedders!

Life expectancy: 13-14 yrs.


Affectionate, gentle, friendly, intelligent, affable, obedient, even-tempered, eager-to-please, charming, merry, some can be timid

Daily Living

Apartment living is also suitable as long as they get sufficient exercise. They should be taken on daily walks.They are good in the city or country and in any climate.

Group: AKC Sporting and Gun Dog